Gentle Tooth Removal

Having a tooth removed can be worrisome. It need not be. At Donegal Dental Center care is taken to have your tooth or teeth removed gently and quickly. Dr. Nista has removed thousands of teeth and his staff is trained to make you as comfortable as possible. Using local anesthesia Dr. Nista utilizes the latest surgical techniques and technology to safely and quickly remove your infected or broken teeth.

Don’t stay miserable. Make an appointment at Donegal Dental Center to remove those teeth that are causing you all that pain. Call 724-593-5555 today.

Our goal is to complete your surgery as efficiently and as comfortably as possible. No one wants to be in the dental chair for tooth removal unless it’s absolutely necessary. Our systems are designed to make your experience as quick and as comfortable as possible. Dr. Nista and his staff have removed over one thousand teeth, providing the experience necessary to ensure your surgery is successful and as comfortable as possible.

An important part of successful surgery is the ability of the doctor to completely anesthetize(make numb) the area that will be involved. An aid to this is that the area should be as free from infection as possible; the more that a tooth, or segment of teeth have an infection, such as an abscess, the more difficult it may be for complete numbness to be achieved. Don’t let your infected tooth go for long. As soon as you notice a problem, make an appointment with our office immediately.

Should you have dental surgery, the following information will help afterwards:

Bleeding – After an extraction, a wet gauze pack is placed over the extraction site to prevent excessive bleeding and to promote the healing blood clot. Keep pressure on it for 30-45 minutes and replace if bleeding continues. Slight bleeding may occur up to two days. Avoid activities that could apply a suction action to the blood clot such as smoking or sucking through a straw.

Rinsing – Do not rinse your mouth the day of surgery. The day following surgery you can rinse your mouth gently with a glass of warm water mixed with a half teaspoon of salt. You can do this every 3-4 hours a day especially after meals.

Swelling – Following tooth removal, some swelling and skin bruising may occur. A cold moist cloth or an ice bag applied to the cheek will keep it to a minimum.  Place this on the affected area for about 15-20 minutes of every hour for the next six hours.

Medications – If non-aspirin pain medication doesn’t relieve the discomfort you may experience, a stronger medication can be prescribed. Be sure to use all medications as directed.

Food –  A light diet with plenty of fluids is recommended the first day.  Avoid carbonated or hot beverages. Chewing should be done away from the area of surgery.