Most people aren’t aware that dentists offer emergency services. You don’t need to wait until an appointment is available to get efficient care during an emergency. At Donegal Family Dental, we provide comprehensive dentistry services to all our patients, and this includes emergency services. If you need urgent attention, call our clinic and explain your emergency. Our staff will provide quick temporary treatment recommendations as they book an emergency appointment for you.


What is a Dental Emergency?

Some dental problems require immediate attention because they have the potential to worsen with time. These issues also cause a lot of discomfort and pain, and that needs to be addressed quickly. An emergency dentist in Donegal, PA, can handle a wide range of issues like:

  • Toothache – If you have an intense toothache and over-the-counter pain medications don’t seem to work well, you need to visit an emergency dentist immediately. Our dentist will examine your teeth and gums to determine the root cause of the problem before he recommends long-term treatment options. Dr. Nista will prescribe pain medicines to help you manage the toothache until the treatment is complete.
  • Root Canal – If your tooth decay reaches the root and dental pulp, it can cause a lot of pain. A root canal is the best treatment for this problem. Dr. Nista will remove all the decayed pulp and make sure the tooth root is intact. He will then fill the tooth with a special dental agent to maintain its structural integrity and add a crown. This treatment requires a few sessions to complete.
  • Severely Cracked Tooth – Cracked teeth are vulnerable and need immediate treatment. Bacteria and infection can settle into the tooth in a matter of days so delays can make the problem worse. Our dentist will examine the extent of the damage and recommend the best treatment options.
  • Dislodged Tooth – A dislodged tooth requires an urgent visit to a dentist in Donegal, PA. It is possible to place the tooth back into the root socket if it is in good condition and the injury hasn’t severely damaged your gums. The dentist will clean the wound site and the tooth before choosing the best treatment approach.
  • Infection and Inflammation – Plaque often causes infection and inflammation in the gums. The dentist will clear all plaque and tartar, clean your teeth, and provide medication to help reduce the pain. The swelling should go away in a couple of days.

It is always a good idea to book a dental appoint as quickly as you can, regardless of your dental issue. Early treatment is more effective and can help reduce the chances of tooth loss down the line. Our emergency dentist in Donegal, PA, will always provide honest and straightforward advice for all treatments. He will make sure your teeth are strong and healthy.


If you want to know more or need a reliable emergency dentist in Donegal, PA, don’t hesitate to contact us at Donegal Family Dental. We’ll be happy to accommodate you and provide emergency dental treatment.