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What is Periodontal Disease – Donegal, PA Dental Care

Gum disease is a very common complaint and around 47% of adults in the United States have some form of it. Periodontal disease is an inflammation in the gums that can eventually spread to the jawbone. The infection compromises the bone and teeth, causing permanent damage if it is allowed to go unchecked. At Donegal Family Dental, [...]

Crowns vs. Veneers: Donegal, PA Cosmetic Dentist

What is the difference between Crowns and Veneers? Natural teeth are resilient and can withstand a lot of abuse, but they aren't indestructible. Poor dental hygiene, lack of dental care, poor diet, and injuries can cause damage to your teeth. If your teeth are stained, chipped, cracked, or broken, it can have an impact on [...]